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Naturist accommodation in London

June 14, 2011

LondonOne of the questions I most often get asked is, “Do you know of any naturist accommodation in London?”

I’ve always had to answer “No” up till now, but this may be changing. We now have accommodation close to Heathrow, with the option of parking and being taken to the airport to catch your flight. Details, as always, are in the Naturist Accommodation UK directory.

A new guest house is also planned to open in north-east London later this year. Keep checking back!

Don’t forget that there are also places to stay in the counties around London. These ‘Home Counties’ are Kent, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. An important thing to check is whether the transport into London is adequate. Some parts of Hampshire and Oxfordshire also have good train and bus links into London.

You’d think that in a big city like London there would be many opportunities for naturists. This isn’t so. The Naturist Action Group is looking at the whole question of naturist facilities in London, and you can find their latest information here. If you live in (or travel to) London and you want better facilities, support their campaign.

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