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Do you want to post an article in this blog?

November 15, 2011

Do you want to post an article on the Clothes Are Optional blog? This may be an opportunity to inform naturists about your accommodation, or recommend a  place where you have really enjoyed staying.

We welcome articles related to naturist accommodation in the UK or abroad, or about naturist places and events and other news or topics of interest to naturists.

When appropriate, links to the articles will be created in Overseas Accommodation, Naturist Links or the UK directory. If you don’t have your own web site, the article will do instead.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you can write – just provide the information and we can edit it into an article! Please note that all articles are subject to editing and we reserve the right to refuse to publish.

Articles should be more than just advertisements. For example, an article on particular accommodation might be written from the point of view of the guest’s experience there, the owner’s experience of running the accommodation or how they came to live there in the first place, interesting things about the locality, local events or things to do or see, or some personal experience or insight that would be interesting to readers.

Pictures are welcome. They should be relevant (pictures of the accommodation, for example) and reasonable quality. Having people in the picture makes it more visually interesting – the people do not have to be recognisable. The total size of files attached to emails to the naco email address should be less than 500 kb or they will not be received successfully. (If necessary, we can give you another address.)

Please be factual – falsehoods and malice are against defamation law and will have to be rejected. Equally, avoid ‘hype’: promising too high leads to disappointment. We want people to find accommodation, places and experiences that are just right for them!

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