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Naturist Action Group: Taking the London Question Forward

February 2, 2012

Naturists identified 17 parks and open spaces in London during 2011 as possible locations for naturism. The London Question is a Naturist Action Group project and 50 naturists of both genders responded constructively. Key naturist bodies have informed their members about The London Question. Three meetings were held in London during 2011 and several locations were checked. You may recall that NAG volunteers went on a fact-finding mission, to see how citizens of Munich take to naturism. NAG supporters are now researching legal issues in London. All of this will help NAG to plan further positive action in 2012.

A London Question Review and Action Planning meeting will be held by NAG at 3.00pm – 5.00pm on 25th March 2012 in McGlynn’s Freehouse ( McGylnn’s is a pub located on the corner of Whidborne Street and Argyll Street, WC1H 8ET, close to Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations.

This NAG project is led by our volunteer John Paine. Your enthusiasm and support for The London Question this summer will be very welcome. More details are available from this website and financial donations to help The London Question succeed are always welcome.

If you intend to take part on the 25th March meeting we would appreciate you contracting John Paine at .

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