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Clover Spa: if you’re not a naturist, here’s a good reason to become one

April 30, 2012

Alex Polizzi, the Hotel Inspector on Channel 5, has been giving Clover Spa the benefit of her advice, which will be shown on TV during the summer. I guess this stunt was her idea.

Cheesy stunts apart, I’ve written elsewhere that it’s worth becoming a naturist to visit Clover Spa, even if you aren’t a naturist already. Clover Spa is almost unique in the UK and certainly in its area – a hotel that is 100% naturist but is also excellent value compared to similar hotels that are not naturist. I have stayed there several times. The rooms are comfortable, spotlessly clean and have extra touches like heated floors in the bathrooms. The spa facilities, included in the charge for accommodation, are excellent and the food is good value. The spa is also open to visitors. The hotel is handy for both the M6/M42 motorways and a suburban rail station 15 minutes out of central Birmingham. It has a garden that I have not yet been able to use but will be lovely for the sunny weather.

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