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Happy 10th birthday to us

May 10, 2012

Naturist Accommodation UK began in late April/early May 2002.

It had an earlier history as a Yahoo group called Naturist Lodgings run by a guy called Barry W, who should be thanked for the initiative. When I took it over I expanded the remit, hence the change of name. In time the group moved from Yahoo to Smartgroups, which closed down, and then to Google.

A web page listing accommodation first began as a part of a naturist web site I ran at the time (which itself started in 1995) and then Naturist Accommodation UK got its own web domain. If you are wondering why it’s called (which, of course, is not an abbreviation of Naturist Accommodation UK), it’s because naco was originally bought for another naturist initiative that never happened, and the domain proved too convenient not to use. I still see from the site logs that people are clicking on links somewhere to that old web page which now redirects to

in 2009 the accommodation list was up and running as the searchable directory that you see now, and since then various bells and whistles – the blog, Twitter and so on – have been added to make the site more interesting and help market the listed accommodation. And, of course, to promote the whole idea of naturist and clothes-optional accommodation.

Perhaps we should have a party? Looking forward to another 10 years…

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  1. May 13, 2012 10:01 am

    Congratulations from Theo and Ken at Three Farthings!

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