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Being naked and active, and naked hiking: request for contributions

January 3, 2013

Naked and Active is an English-Language web site and project that focusses on naturists/nudists doing activities. It is run by Richard Foley, who lives in Germany. It was inspired by the German web site Integral Nacktiv, run by Anita and Wolfgang Gramer.


The latest Naktiv project is a book on Naked Hiking. Richard Foley is the author of The World Naked Bike Ride and Active Nudists books, and is an ardent support of naked activities. This latest project will be based on articles and contributions from naked hikers around the world.

Richard is very keen to get input from women hikers, as most submissions to date have been from men. This is partly to be expected of course, but he says it would be good to have a greater balance. While naked hiking is becoming more popular all around the world, it’s becoming more important to be able to point to printed material to demonstrate how many people are involved in this very natural activity. It’s also relevant to show how much fun naked hiking is, not just on an internet forum, but also in a physical form which can be shared over the coffee table.


To register interest in contributing, and to receive an FTP account for uploading text and images, simply send an email to:

Photos need to be relevant, high resolution and copyright free. You can read more detailed information on the project, and the prerequisites, via the FAQ


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