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Message to accommodation owners

January 7, 2014

th_285933185_91_123_127loI was doing a review of the year’s statistics and I can now report that visitors to the main NACO site and directory are running at 4,000 to 5,000 per month. Three times in 2013 the visitors topped 5,000, with 5,146 visiting in August.

Meanwhile the blog has been receiving steadly increasing numbers of visitors, with an average of almost 300 views per day in December.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business, to the people who are most receptive to the message, since most who look at the site will have an interest in nude accommodation. And especially now, when people are thinking about booking their annual holidays!

Anyone who has something interesting to say, about their own or someone else’s accommodation, can submit an article or photos for the blog. This is absolutely free, and is open to accommodation in the UK or abroad. (Note: all articles are subject to approval and editing.)

In addition, all UK and Ireland owners are entitled to a free directory entry. Why not check your entry now to see if it is telling people what you offer?

In addition, you can support the site that offers you all this by taking a paid banner ad on the main site that will get people’s attention. Costs are very reasonable. Please contact me if you are interested.

Best wishes for success in 2014,


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