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A new look for the Accommodation Directory

February 3, 2014

If you revisit the Accommodation Directory, you’ll notice substantial changes. Unfortunately, the old directory could no longer be maintained, so I’ve had to move the information into a new format.

As I moved the data, I removed some old entries that appear to be now inactive, and updated some of the others. The editing will continue for a while.

I hope there aren’t any errors, but please will both owners and guests let me know if they spot any errors in the new directory.

Some of the changes result from using a new software platform for the Directory. The link to Google maps has gone, but if 5 or more owners are willing to pay £10 each then I will buy the necessary software to link them back to Google maps again!

All this takes time and money, so if you appreciate the value that NACO offers you please leave a tip in the link on the site. Or offers of a naturist break are very welcome 🙂

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